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"Dancing with Caroline Yauck" of Citrus & Style

"Citrus & Style" is Caroline's unique blog; where you can find inspiration for preppy and stylish outfits, lifestyle tips, new trends, and all kinds of lovely content. 
Through her blog she can share her love for fashion and citrusy things. For her, citrusy doesn't just mean citrus fruit but a fresh and healthy lifestyle. To know more about her read the next interview.....


        When and why did you start blogging?
  • I started blogging around the summer before my freshman year of high school because I was craving a creative outlet where I could talk about my love of fashion, interior decorating and fitness. 

        The name of your blog is “Citrus and Style”, why did you choose that name?

  • To be honest, I kind of chose it out of the blue, but surprisingly it has really come to describe my blog and myself! To me, citrus doesn’t just mean citrusy fruits (which of course I do love), but it also pertains to a fresh life, one with healthy foods, exercise and minimal makeup. Additionally, I adore bright colors, which are definitely inspireda by the happy hues. My goal as a blogger is to create a place for my readers to relax and be inspired.

Q.  Did you have any other names for the blog before deciding the actual one?

  • Unlike a lot of bloggers, I didn’t consider any other names before deciding, probably because I didn’t think blogging would be something I continue to love so much today!

         Can you describe your style in 4 words?
  • I would say classic, clean, preppy and colorful.

 Do you think the place where you live has influenced on your style?

  • The Midwest has most definitely influenced my style, especially since I have had to learn how to layer to deal with the rough winters!

        What is your daily inspiration?
  • Street style inspires me because I love the ready to wear look. I really enjoy seeing what other bloggers are wearing through Pinterest, blogs, Instagram and magazines, and try to incorporate some of my favorite elements into my own style.

         For you what’s the most difficult part about blogging?
  • The hardest part would have to be finding the time to curate posts of the kind of quality I want. With school and sports, it is often difficult to make time for blogging, but it is what I truly love so getting a little less sleep isn’t the worst thing ;)


  If you could have dinner with anyone, who would be? (dead, or alive, fiction or nonfiction)
  • Ooh this is a tough one! I would say former First Lady Jackie O. because her style has always served as inspiration to me, and she was an incredible leader in addition to her impeccable fashion sense.

     Which is your favorite quote?

  • “You musn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

        Can’t live without …….(5 things)

  • My camera, my best friends, green juices (silly, I know), my pearl earrings and my iPhone because I’m definitely a social media junkie.

         Your favorite blogs…..

  • There are so many that I love but Design Darling, Stripes & Peonies and Identical Ideals are a few of my favorites.

·         Your style icons…….
  • Oh gosh, whose style don’t I admire! Probably Mackenzie Horan and Liz Schneider (two of my favorite bloggers), Kate Middleton and Tory Burch.

·         Your first fashion memory…..

I will always remember my mom sticking a big bow on top of my head everyday in elementary school – to this day I still think this is why my style is so classic and preppy!

  Your favorite designer……

  • Not really a designer, but J.Crew is my favorite brand.

       Favorite city in the world……

  • I recently traveled to LA and am officially hooked.

·         Favorite book……..
  • Again, too many to choose from! The Something Borrowed series is always a great read.

Which are your favorite trends for this season, and which are the ones you hate?
  • I’m loving the white and tan looks for spring since they are so simple and pretty. I can’t tell if I’m a fan of the Nike shoe trend, but I feel like it’s definitely growing on me!

       If you could give an advice to a bunch of people, what would it be?


The name of the interview is “Dancing with  Caroline, what song makes you want to stand up and dance?

  • Anything Taylor Swift because I’m a typical girl ;)

         Right now what is your goal for “Citrus and Style”, and do you have any projects in mind?
  • My main goal for citrus & style is to stay as authentic as possible, since a lot of bloggers change and end up blogging just for the rewards. As far as the future, I really want to incorporate more fitness tips and outfits since I’m obsessed with my new camera.

Don't forget to check her blog you won't regret it !!! :D

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