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"Dancing with Isabelle" from Lost But Not Found

This is Isabelle a 16 years old super nice girl, with a huge love for fashion. The unique name of her blog is "Lost But Not Found." A creative outlet where she shares her favorite things, outfits inspiration, her travel adventures and more amazing stuff.  Isabelle describes her style as "eccentric, Edgy, Classic and Urban" To know more about her and her blog continue reading the next interview.....

  Why and when did you start blogging?

  • I began blogging around this time in 2012, nearly two years ago. I was a naïve fourteen year old with a lot of time on my hands. I remember searching through YouTube and discovering the beauty community, spending hours watching videos, but being to hesitant to start making my own as I am quite shy. Through the beauty community, I found the blogosphere and decided to join it! The rest is history.

         The name of your blog is “Lost But Not Found”, why did you choose that name?

  • To be honest, this is a question I still get from people in my daily life. And truth be told, I have no idea, haha. I recall having a good 10-minute long “brain storming sesh” by my computer and settling on “Lost But Not Found”. I like that it is somewhat thought provoking and definitely unique to my blog.

        Did you have any other names before deciding the actual?

  • I actually still have the note on my phone with my other potential names (strangely enough): ‘Whimsical Thoughts’ and ‘Decadent Delights’ were my other two options. I believe I was thinking of doing a food blog, which is where the latter came from, but I’m not really sure about the other to be honest. 

     Describe your style in four words…

  • Sometimes eccentric, Edgy, Classic, and Urban 

     Do you think where you live have influenced your style?

  • In a way, I think it has. Growing up in a suburban environment, I wasn’t exposed to too much fashion at all. I suppose that lacking of style in my life beside my influential sister pushed me to explore other areas around me. My mom would always take my siblings and me on routine trips to New York, which allowed me to see the city life with which I’ve grown to adore. Throughout all of my travels, I think I’ve taken on different style personas, which is really what fashion is all about- the ever-present evolution of style.

      For you what is the most difficult part about blogging?

  • With just about any teenage blogger, I would say time is the most difficult aspect of blogging. Between balancing school, sports, a social life, and other stressful obligations, blogging always tends to take the back seat. I attend a very rigorous school with loads of work, which makes blogging all that more hard to do, although I always manage to find moments of free time, whether it be free periods or after dinner.

         What is your daily inspiration?

  • While inspiration can be found from a multitude of things, I usually garner it from the smallest of details. Whether it be an inspiring magazine article, an Instagram photo from a designer I really like, or just some architecture I see out an about, inspiration is really anywhere but most often it is overlooked in the little things.

         If you could have dinner with anyone, who would be? (dead, alive, fiction, nonfiction)

  • I know that many people would be able to immediately answer this question, but it is just too difficult! There are so many wonderful people whose brains I would love to pick. After a mini debate, I have decided on Princess Diana. I once did a project on her work with the anti-landmine ban in Angola and would love to hear her thoughts about our present day and how the government reacted to her heroic actions at the time. Beside her extensive work, I also adore her classic beauty style, with LBDs and pearls galore.

Your favorite quote…

  • A long time tagline of my blog and personal mantra, my favorite quote is “not all those who wander are lost”. I believe we’re all on the road to self-creation and discovery. And if that means exploring outside the “box” you’re currently in, then so be it. There is plenty of time in the future to be in love and have a job and follow the paths of many others- take the precious moments you have now and in the coming years to find what fits right for you and your situation.

       Can’t live without… (5 Things)

  • Definitely music, my pets/family, books, traveling, and my Doc Martens

     Your favorite blogs…
  • Lauren of Someone Like You, Maria of Avenue Maria, Isabella of Views of Now, and Aimee of Song of Style


 Your style icons….

  • Some of my style icons include Alexa Chung, Lily Collins, the Olsen twins, and Vanessa Hudgens. All of them have such distinct styles that all sort of combine into the mesh that is my own style. I would say my favorite is probably the Olsen twins, with their high-fashion leather and fur infused looks. And plus, their line Elizabeth and James line is just perfection and such a classic metropolitan collection of items that I can’t get enough of.

        Your first Fashion memory…

  • While I don’t actually remember this event, there are plenty of pictures for recollection. My older sister always loved dressing me up when I was younger, and so she had a full on photo shoot with me once, and I’ll tell you, I lived it up. Posing ridiculously in sequin outfits and smiling from ear to ear with a fur boa on- I felt like a child celebrity.  

        Your favorite designer or brand…
  • While I love many designers for their own unique talents, I've always loved the dreamy, ‘midnight in Paris’ feel of Valentino couture. The gowns are so dreamy, covered in a myriad of flower appliques with heaps of chiffon. For more casual wear, I've taken a liking to the urban feel of All Saints and Rag and Bone, with their leather and waxed pieces.

       What is a typical day in your life? Do you have any hobbies?

  • During the summer, I don’t do anything very noteworthy. Usually, I wake up and head downstairs to have some breakfast before I go for a run or do some pilates. After, I’ve been experimenting with different smoothies, from green kale infused ones to delicious strawberry banana (it depends on the day) and what my brother requests as well. Following, I often will go for a swim with my friends or my dog who loves to take a dip, or just indulge in some good reading. Mid afternoon, I usually sit down with my laptop and reply to blog comments, as well as plan out future posts. Honestly, while summer has been quite slow for me at home, each day is a little bit different. 
   Favorite city in the world…

  • Ahh! This is another difficult question. I would say Paris of New York City- I love the hustle and bustle of city living and can definitely picture myself living in either one of these cities when I’m older.

     Which are your favorite trends this season and which are the ones you hate?

  • I wish I could say I have definite answers for this question, but I don’t. I’m not really one to keep up with the trends and if I am, it is usually unintentional or influenced by a magazine. Although, I’ve really been liking the sporty vibe, with the jersey like tank tops and awesome high tops from an array of brands, high to low. 

Do you have any advice for someone who wants to start a blog?

  • One of my biggest pieces of advice would be that patience is a virtue when it comes to blogging. Initially, you will most likely be frustrated with the not overnight blogging progress, but trust me when I say the waiting game will be worth it. Also, make sure to take note of the smaller achievements you make along the way, because any acknowledgement as a blogger and an individual is a victory in itself. Blog for yourself and all of the other pieces will fall into place!

     The name of the interview is “Dancing with Isabelle”, what song (s) make you want to stand up and dance?
  • Music has always been an important part in my life, from playing instruments to casual listening sessions with friends. While I am not much of a dancer (though I did take classes a few years ago), I have really been liking “Make it to Me” by Sam Smith, “Whispers” by Passenger, and “Up, On, & Over” by Bronze Radio Return.

   Do you want to pursue a career in the fashion industry in the future?

  • For sure! I am hoping in the future to land a job at some sort of magazine or newspaper, like Teen Vogue or maybe even the New York Times. While I would love to be a stylist or editor at a magazine, I think journalism (with both photography and writing involved) would be an awesome career and something I would really enjoy. I just hope to end up in the city.

 And the last question is: right now what is your goal for “Lost But Not Found”; do you have any projects in mind?

  • At the moment, I have plenty of goals, many reachable and some others on the horizon. I’ve been planning on starting a media kit in hopes to reach out to more brands as I feel like I’ve been pretty shy on that front. Beside that, I hope to expand my reader and blogging friend relationships because I just love everyone in the blogging world so much! J Thanks again for this opportunity and I hope you all enjoyed this interview!

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