viernes, 10 de mayo de 2013

Where do I blog? and 1 st anniversary!!! Yei!!!

This day special because is the blog´s first anniversary!!!!
One year ago, I got into the blogging world, where I found a place to share my fashion inspiration, to get more involve in  all of the fashion universe.

And to celebrate this 1 first year, I decided to present you the space where I write the Blog...
Hope you enjoy it...
*To continue celebrating, I´ll love to see your work space, and show it in the blog :)
(you can send me your photo by Twitter _bibiva4 ) 

*This is my workspace, here I have my laptop, a digital clock, and some of my fovorite stuff.
 *In the tray I have my favorite notebook, my favorite perfume, some markers and my fave gloss, and some CD. I love to see all of my favorite things together, it makes me feel in a better mood.

* This is my seat, and as you can see there are shoes under the seat like in a little shelf, well this   are my favorite shoes. Here shows how I love sparkly shoes (they are my guilty pleasure)

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