miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

Dancing facts.....

Dancing is an art, in which you express yourself with your body language. But while you are dancing you show everyone your soul and this is pretty cool.
 Besides all the artistic it is a good way to be healthy. Perhaps these facts can change your mind and maybe you are going to start dancing all around.

1. You don´t have to be able to walk to dance. Wheelchair dancing is popular in Europe. 

2. It is a cool way of burning calories, you can burn from 500 and 700 calories, obviously it depends in the kind of dancing and your weight, height, fitness level. But besides that you can have a great time. 

3. Dancing has been scientifically proven to make you smarter and healthier. Another good reason. 

These 3 short facts can help you decide to start dancing. So get out of your couch and start dancing    :)
                                      Dance Again by Jennifer Lopez

Shake that body with the dance that everyone is doing right now.

Fashion by lady gaga 
A good way of mixing fashion dancing, don't you think huh?


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